When we meet new clients and ask what investments they hold they will typically tell us they have a pension, an ISA, an investment bond etc. However, these are just investment products that determine the rules of the investment and the tax treatment.

What clients generally cannot tell us is what the underlying investments are and how they have performed across time. Typically they are also not able to judge as to whether the investments have performed well in relative terms by reference to an appropriate benchmark.

The success or otherwise of much of our financial planning depends on the performance of your investments. It is therefore essential that you are appropriately invested to meet your financial objectives and attitude to investment risk. It is also essential that your investments are reviewed to reflect your changing circumstances and changes in global economic conditions.

The diagram below explains graphically the stages of our established advice process that enables us to create, implement and adapt their financial plan.

We have had the good fortune to be clients of Howard Wealth Management for many years. The explanations and advice we have received have always been excellent, and they have been a pleasure to deal with.

Vernon & Jill

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